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Baseball & a memorial in OKC

Outside AT&T Brickyard Ballpark is a statue of Johnny Bench, the Hall of Fame catcher who is a native of Oklahoma.

One of the delightful characters that entertained the crowd between innings at the Red Hawk-Express game was "Harry Canary," seen here cavorting atop the home team dugout.
If you ever attend an Oklahoma Redhawk baseball game in downtown Oklahoma City, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to pay your respects at the national memorial for the victims and survivors of the domestic terrorism attack of 1995 that shocked the world.


Road trip: Santa Fe, NM

Here in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, it snowed briefly today. May 5 and it snowed. The sweet smell of benzene along the Petrochemical Underarm is far, far away.

I talked to a resident here. He was working the counter at Kinko's.

"Do you like living here?"

"Oh, well, no, not really."

He continued. "I had a second home here and then I lost all my money in the dot com bust."

More photos from SF below.

Santa Fe


Without frozen water

and without eternal vigilance, we are DOOMED. DOOMED, I tell you!!