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Last minute fixes

 There were a few problems in finishing the Stephen F. Austin statue. It turned out the long rifle that Austin holds was about a foot shorter than it was supposed to be, but they got it fixed and now the statue is awaiting last-minute cosmetic touches like priming and painting before it's all done. Posted by Picasa

Mr. Warneke with Austin's head

 Mr. Warneke, who chaired the statue project, was kind enough to pose for this picture after the head of Stephen F. Austin was delivered to the park site in Angleton. Posted by Picasa


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One head, going up

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Easy does it

 That's Mr. Warneke, who headed the statue project, up in the crane basket watching as Austin's head is carefully put atop the statue. Posted by Picasa

Sculptor & foreman

 Sculptor David Adickes and his crew foreman, Chuy. "He's the one who makes it all happen," Adickes says of Chuy. Posted by Picasa

Sculptor films his latest creation

That's sculptor David Adickes in the foreground, takings pictures of the head being put on his statue of Stephen F. Austin. Posted by Picasa

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