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This is my favorite picture of my parents. Dad died four years ago in October at the age of 80; Mom passed last November, about 3 weeks before she would have turned 83. I'm not sure how old they are in this picture, but I think late 20s or so.


Lake Jackson, TX

The Starplex Cinema is the main movie theater in Lake Jackson featuring an amazing 10 screens. It is conveniently located near Lowe's, Home Depot, the Wal-Mart Supercenter, Chili's and Johnny Carino's so that movie goers who come to town can shop or dine out before or after enjoying the picture show.

Lake Jackson, TX

There was a pretty sunset last night. I took this while driving to the grocery store. Scooter, my wife and assistant, wishes I wouldn't do that -- take pictures while driving -- and I usually don't because it's stupidly dangerous, but she wasn't with me on the trip to the grocery store and I couldn't resist. The photo, of course, would have been better had I not been driving about 40 mph (a good 10 mph under the speed limit on FM 2004, officer.)

West Columbia, TX

This is a familiar sight in a lot of small Texas towns -- the abandoned movie theater. The Capitol Theater here in West Columbia is for sale, and has been for years.


Hunstville, TX

Standing tall on the east side of Interstate 45, a statue of Sam Houston, created by sculptor David Adickes, is a landmark in Huntsville, where he spent his final years. They say Sam Houston was a hell of a man.  Posted by Hello

Sam Houston's portrait in the visitor's center.  Posted by Hello

There's lot of stuff to buy in the gift shop behind the Sam Houston statue. Posted by Hello


Lake Jackson, TX

Along Oyster Creek Drive, yellow ribbons remain tied around the oak trees. The city tried to take them down more than a year ago, but people protested and the ribbons remain. Posted by Hello

A billboard at Old Angleton Road and Oyster Creek Drive.  Posted by Hello

The fountain outside the LJ Civic Center spurts water, which delights young and old alike, but especially the young.  Posted by Hello

The family of slain Tejano singer Selena reportedly operated a restaurant in this building when she was a young girl. It's now a day care.  Posted by Hello

The LJ Museum contains lots of information about the Dow Chemical Co. Posted by Hello

Mural on the side of the Lake Theater, which features live music acts. Posted by Hello


You're supposed to get official approval before visiting the mysterious graveyard beyond the sign. There are no names on the graves. Ooooh, scary.  Posted by Hello

The mysterious graveyard by Brazos Mall. Posted by Hello

Oyster Creek.  Posted by Hello

Shy Pond. Posted by Hello

Circle Way in downtown LJ. Posted by Hello

Sign of the times on FM 2004. Posted by Hello


Road Trip: N.C., S.C.

A lake near Durham, N.C. Posted by Hello

View from the drawing room of The Sanctuary hotel, Kiawah Island, S.C. Posted by Hello

A bus stop near Beaufort, S.C. Posted by Hello

Battery Park, Charleston, S.C. Posted by Hello

A quotable saying above the doorway of the Holly Springs Inn, Pinehurst, N.C. Posted by Hello

A grease lid in an alley near the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C. Posted by Hello

Outdoor dining in Charleston, S.C. Posted by Hello

The Wentworth Mansion, a hotel in Charleston, S.C. Posted by Hello

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