The official photoblog of Banjo Jones & The Brazosport (TX) News


Downtown Houston

 Looking east, from near the Kirby/Richmond intersection, on the sixth floor of the Momentum VW car dealership. Posted by Picasa

Crop duster crossing

Every once in a while, you'll be driving down Highway 288 when, suddenly, a low-flying crop duster sweeps by. Here's one of those times. Posted by Picasa


What in tarnation?

  Posted by Picasa

Water tower shaped like a peach

 In South Carolina Posted by Picasa

There's a wild turkey behind this dirt mound

You have to look real careful to see him. This was in Hillsborough, NC. Posted by Picasa

It sort of looks like a barn on the outside

But it looks a lot better on the inside. (see pic and text below) Posted by Picasa

This used to be a barn

 Now it's someone's living room. They hired this company that disassembles old barns and reconstructs them for you to live in. This former barn turned living room was in Chapel Hill, NC. Posted by Picasa


The young man was standing in front of the Hilton Hotel in Durham, N.C., where he was attending training sessions to work in a guitar store. He used to play in a local band. Heavily tatooed, he said living in the Triangle Area of Raleigh-Durham was sort of boring. Posted by Picasa

View from the top of a staircase

Taken in Raleigh, NC Posted by Picasa