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Fire call, Houston, Tx.

Mecom Fountain, Houston, Tx.

Bad Boyz Barber Shop, Loop 610 South, Houston, Tx. Mobile haircutters? Not sure.

Lady's face painted on the sidewalk, Westheimer near Dunlavy, Houston, Tx.


"You are the music, while the music lasts." T.S. Eliot


Looming over the Southwest Freeway, the rainbow seems to be blessing the good work of Houston's Metropolitan Transit Authority and one its many buses that criss cross the international city. Clearly, that's the only conclusion one can draw. Why else would the rainbow suddenly, as if by magic, suddenly appear just as this bus went down the HOV lane of the SW Frwy?

The rainbow, over by Greenway Plaza and the about-to-be-open Lakewood Church, formerly known as Compaq Center, formerly known as The Summit. Coincidence? Or is it A Sign that the World's Largest Church is actually going to occupy a building that once hosted not only professional basketball but "professional" wrestling and Neil Diamond in concert?

Here's your basic arty juxtaposition of powerlines, power poles, a bagel sign and the rainbow.

Rainbow over the Houston Chronicle's 1/2 Price billboard, SW Freeway, Houston. Did I just say HALF PRICE? Where do I sign up? WHAT A DEAL!

Note the VW bus protruding from the wall of Late Nite Pie on Lower Westheimer, Houston.

Downtown Houston, untinted, from the Chenevert exit.

Another shot of downtown Houston's southern exposure, tinted for that eerie end-of-the-world effect.

More monkey business going on at the pipe supply yard. It never stops.

Where's Waldo?

You can only see half of it, but in my rear view mirror is one of those scary looking grills that some truck drivers sport. They figure the bared teeth motif will make you get out of their way, and they do.


Those are the boots of the Stephen F. Austin statue that is being built in Angleton. The square holes you see? Those are to allow welders to get inside the boots and weld the thing together, according to the paper. For more info, check here.

Here's another shot from Iowa Colony, in Brazoria County, that was taken late this afternoon following some welcome rainshowers. For the other picture, see The Brazosport News, which you've probably already done.

Here's some creepy graffitti from the Montrose area of Houston. Man, the people down there need an attitude adjustment. I'll bet very damn few of them have read "The Seven Habits of Successful People." This "art" was stuck on some kind of electrical box at a lower Westheimer intersection.

The view from a Houston parking garage.

Downtown Houston, southern exposure, taken from the Southwest Freeway.


Here's the other end of the rainbow.

Another shot of the rainbow that appeared followed thunderstorms late this afternoon.


Welcome to Lake Jackson, by the way...

Especially if they're wearing white pants & white shirt.

Hot enough for ya?

Five guys laying asphalt near Angleton. Temperature: mid- to high-90s. It's around noon. See the white pickup in the middle over on the grass? That's where the supervisor sits. The air conditioner is running. It's good to be the king, or the supervisor, whatever the case may be.

Hot enough for ya? Part II

The temperature is in the high 90s this day around 4 p.m., but feels like 190. This man is running along Farm-to-Market 2004 in Lake Jackson, Tx. And he sems to be enjoying it. Can someone, please, help him?

Car Wash, Illustrated

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Checkout Counter, Luby's

At the Luby's cafeteria in Lake Jackson, they display pictures of local residents who are serving in the military. I don't know if all these people are serving overseas or not.


Here are some of the early birds who set up Monday afternoon in a prime viewing spot for Lake Jackson's July 4th fireworks display. The 3-hour-plus wait for the big show didn't bother them in the least. They had meat cooking, plenty of beverages on hand and multiple cell phones to stay in touch with happenings back at their respective cattle ranches.


In Houston

Kay's Lounge on Bissonnett is where employees of the ABC affiliate in Houston decide what to put on your TV. They've come up with some of their more nutty ideas in this establishment.

Houston is known world-wide for its Houston Shoe Hospital, where many a sickly shoe -- whether it be of the manly footwear variety or the more dainty styles favored by the ladies -- are put back on the street.

One of my favorite dining spots in Houston is Goode Company Texas Seafood, located on Westpark just west of Kirby Drive. As you can see, the front portion of the restaurant is situated in an old railcar.

If I didn't know better, I'd almost swear I was getting one of those come hither looks today.

Slaves to fashion.

Hi, I'm Alan Freakin' Funt:

Going ...

Going ...


Going ...



Birdman of Lake Jackson

One lucky sparrow. Lucky to be found by a kid named Jake. (see below)


A bumperstick in Brazosport. It was on a pickup truck.

Birdman, take 2

This is my neighbor Jake, holding the bird he rescued. It's a sparrow. He and his little brother named it Summer. See story in The Brazosport News that was posted today.

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