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Annie Laurie Williams killed her two sons and chopped them up back in the '50s. She was paroled but then broke parole by taking off. Recaptured in Idaho in the late '90s, she did some more time in Texas and is now free. I interviewed her in prison during her last stint. She's gray-headed and in her 70s now and pretty much blind. She insists she was innocent but I don't believe her. Before she was sent off to prison for the murders, she was baptized in a horse trough in the Harris County Jail. The baptism was arranged by the father of my wife Scooter, who was a reporter for the Houston Chronicle. He also acted as a witness to the baptism. Scooter's dad is now deceased. Too bad. We could have swapped Annie Laurie Williams stories.  Posted by Hello

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rachael said...

if any1 has info on this annie willaims chick send it to me i am very intrested in the subject.

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