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Education, Lake Jackson-style

If there's any doubt that Brazosport Independent School District is among the "rich" school districts in the State of Texas, behold the new Lake Jackson Intermediate School, located on Oyster Creek Drive in Lake Jackson. No stucco building for this high-flyin' book-learnin' outfit. This place looks like the Supreme Court building of some Middle East sheikdom. Weeeee-doggggies!!!


Anonymous said...

This new school is so over the top that it's becoming a joke to non-L.J. residents. Gosh, do you think it'll make kids learn more? They'll probably learn a lot about being pretentious.

SpyChic19 said...
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SpyChic19 said...

Well they wanted it to match the new uber-pompous City of Lake Jackson welcome sign.

I heart L-Jax!

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