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Hunter S. Thompson, 1937-2005

"The fact is, this guy could write. No matter how long it took to get his column in, when it came, it was poetry. He could do more damage to a politician with half a dozen words than most columnists could in a full column. He wrote like he lived, with bold strokes and outrageous statements that always stopped people in their tracks and made them think. No matter what anyone thought of his style, they all respected his intellect....
I don't want to play down the problems he had - the celebrated massive drug and alcohol abuse. They were real and probably contributed to a life cut short too soon. They were terrible habits that probably kept him from taking his place as a true giant in the literary world. His famous bouts with "writers' block" probably had more to do with outside influences than any mental blocks."
Larry Kramer, former editor of Thompson's
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